Lean Training Program: Things You Should Know

If you have decided to learn something new to take your career to a new stage, then Lean and Six Sigma is the ideal option. Lean is a systematic method to eliminate activities, which don’t add worth to the business process. It helps to remove the wasteful steps and take only essential steps that offer better customer satisfaction. Lean Training helps you to study basic and advanced principles of Lean methodology. How can a business gain benefits from Lean:

  • Reduce the opportunities of defective generations
  • Increase resources for key developments
  • Decreases process cycle time
  • Reduce wastes
  • Cut down the inventory levels
  • Optimizing service and product delivery time

Many companies are considering using Lean in their business for these reasons. In addition, the certified professional can take care of all projects with strategic oriented methods. Keep on reading to know more about the Lean and Six Sigma certification:

Principles of Lean 

It is essential to know about the five principles of lean. You can apply these principles to all processes for reducing waste and operation costs.

  • The customer describes the product or service value. Design the assumption of consumers about the product and service. Separating process activities to value-added and non-value added.
  • Value stream mapping should be the workflow procedure steps for products and services. It helps to eliminate non-value-added activities that reduce the processing delay and increase product or service quality.
  • Design the flow to customers by verifying constant flow systems in offering service or generating products. It will optimize the entire business process to increase the procedure’s efficiency.
  • Assembling the system within the period establish a pull procedure. It is the cost at which products should be ready quickly to meet consumers’ demands. JIT is the best tool to boost the Pull system that offers a smooth workflow.
  • Professionals should put effort to increase the business process to meet the customer needs. Lean certification helps to reduce waste and faults of free products to the consumers.

In the Lean certification program, you can learn these principles. Certified candidates can handle the project smoothly and finish it promptly without error.

Is the Six Sigma Green Belt good for you?

Green belt suits the person interested in waste reduction, work experience in business management, constant development, and more. In this course, you can learn about Six Sigma’s principle that helps you handle the project smoothly. A six sigma green belt certification allows you to solve challenging problems and reduce operational costs.

Before joining the Six Sigma training program, these are a few prerequisites to become a Green Belt that everyone should know. The candidate must need at least three years of full-time employment experience. They should also have leadership skills, logical and analytical minds, passive development, etc. Remember that the part-time employment experience should not consider in the project.

Besides, this certification aids the individual to increase their skill, boosting attraction by employers. A certified professional is responsible for completing the project within the budget and time. On the other hand, the expert can find out the issue and resolve it faster. The participants can learn the fundamental of DMAIC in the course.

Reduce errors in the business process

The expert can analyze the business process properly and find out the components which create issues in the company. They reduce defects and risks in the business process that offer effective future output. Lots of components can create issues in the business. Green belt professional has domain-specific skill in that company that carries out their tasks. An employer can hire a Green belt certified professional to fix complicated problems in a short time.

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