Dress According To Your Body Type

How To Dress According To Your Body Type

We all know how unsatisfactory it can be when you go out shopping, and then you pick out an amazing dress, and you go into the changing room and try it on, and it fits you perfectly, but then you get disappointed anyway.

It is pretty common, and we are here to tell you the reason why you get disappointed even when the dress fits you perfectly; it is because of the lack of consciousness of body types. When you are fully aware of your body type, being able to flaunt your dream outfit instantly becomes a reality.

This is why it is very important that you know the different body types that are there and be able to identify which body type you fall under. Here are some tips on how to dress according to your body type.

1) Apple Body Shape:

Although this is not the most common body type, it is not very difficult to find someone with an apple body shape. This essentially means that you have a heavier upper body when compared to the lower half. People with apple body shape have a bigger bust line and broader shoulders, making the midriff look heavier.

If you are dressing an apple body shape, you should try to distract all the attention from the midriff and accentuate the more attractive parts. Choosing co ords for women or dresses with a V neckline is a good way to start your search. You can find relevant products according to your body type on Ally Likes. However, you can also get a 6 Euros Coupon For Allylikes New User without threshold. Don’t forget to use discount codes: NEWUK at the checkout.

2) Hourglass Body Shape:

Most women in the industry have an hourglass body shape, and quite frankly, there is not much that can go wrong here. An hourglass body shape is one of the more balanced and proportionate figures.

Even though you can wear almost everything, women with this body type should try going for more body-hugging outfits. This will help show off your strengths. However, before buying a dress, you should ensure that it fits perfectly, outlining all the curves.

3) Pear Body Shape:

Last comes the pear body shape. This type of body is lower-heavy, meaning your butt and thighs are in most focus. The good thing about this body type is that when styled properly, you can create an illusion of an hourglass figure.

However, if you are not one for dresses, you can try wearing co ords for women. These are rather comfy and can help you get along with your day without any hindrance. In addition to that, you can also wear it to semi-formal meetings and even casual dates.

Keeping in mind the tips mentioned here can help you look your best at all times, irrespective of your body type. However, if you are looking to try something new, you can always check the Ally Likes online store. With a vast range of collections and options, this is the best place for all your fashion needs. .

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