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Why Handcrafted Links are Better than Bot-Created Links

Hundreds of backlinks within minutes and a skyrocketing search engine rank. This is the kind of offer you may come across when shopping for SEO internet marketing services on a budget or with time constraints.

While these offers may seem attractive on the outside, in reality, they could do more harm than good.

The truth is, regardless of how fine your SEO online marketing strategy is, truly valuable results demand time and monetary investments.

SEO takes so long to yield results because it is built on certain SEO online marketing techniques that take time and effort.

One of these techniques is organic link building.

Given that organic link building is a tedious process, SEO internet marketing services offering “quick results” replace it with inorganic or automated link-building strategies.

They deploy link-building bots and leave you with a website that has links coming in from low-authority and shady websites.

In this way, your website gets a bulk of backlinks in a matter of minutes. And on the surface, it seems you have a strong backlink profile.

However, Google, prioritizing user experience, now associates the presence of such low-quality backlinks with a low-authority website.

This means bot-created links earn you a bad reputation in the eyes of the search engine giant. And this bad reputation comes with many consequences.

Once Google figures out you have built your backlink profile using bots, it can take serious actions against you.

You can lose your online progress. And if worse comes to worst, your entire online journey can be shattered.

What is this “action” that can potentially ruin your online progress?

Landau Consulting, an NJ SEO consulting company, has created this infographic explaining bot-created links and the potentially devastating actions they can elicit from the search engines. Check it out to stay informed and build a healthy online presence right from the get-go.

Why Handcrafted Links Are Superior to Bot-Created Links for Your Website

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