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Top Earning Careers You Can Choose Without Having A Degree

The cost of degrees does not have to obstruct your lucrative, successful career path. Though studies have shown that higher education is important for a higher pay grade.

Earning a degree is not always possible for everyone and it doesn’t always help in your career path.

There are people who have done a different degree and have chosen a career path different from the subject he or she has a degree in. An undergraduate degree takes four years of your life and a lot of money with it.

It is of no use if you are not using that degree in your professional life and become solopreneurs. People often do this, they change their field of interest with time. So if you ask me if a degree is needed for earning a career, then the answer is no. Not necessarily.

In this article, we will talk about the top 6 earning careers that you can start without any degree.

1. Distribution And Transportation Manager

Degree You Need – A diploma from high school.

Income – 94,730 dollars

A distribution and transportation manager’s job is to organize, direct, and work with a number of activities related to transportation and distribution Which is all about the storage of several materials and products.

This job growth can be considered right around the national average. This job also offers a strong salary at the end of the month. To work in this field you at least need a basic high school education.

Check out the education levels with the highest ROI. Nothing too serious. The more you can work and learn this job, the more your skill will be advanced. There is no such training for this job.

2. Commercial Pilot

The degree you need– Diploma from high school and a license.

Income– 86, 080 dollars

The job of a commercial pilot is known and quite easy. They operate aircraft which put out fires, crop the dust fields, or host tours, and tote cargo.

These professionals do not wait for any degree for working and charging money against their work. But will definitely need a commercial pilot’s license, from the Federal Aviation Administration.

This business can take 2 months to complete. The job growth is 9% and will increase by 2029.  They are in demand even from the ambulance flights.

3. Fire-Fighting Supervisors

The degree you need– Postsecondary nondegree award.

Income– 77,800 dollars

Firefighters supervisors direct the efforts of the front-line fire prevention workers. Professionals from this field make sure of the security of communities nationwide.

It has a strong salary and a cool job.

This job is quite an appealing one for anyone with enough experience and training. To get to the supervisory position you will need a five-year experience. You will also need on-the-job training for you to get hired.

4. Claims Adjusters

The degree you need– Diploma from high school

Income– 66,540 dollars

Professionals from this field mainly investigate insurance claims, help people with insurance issues and deal with fraud. You can also read about jobs in real estate investments.

Claim adjusters are hired by companies who have investigative experience and do a lot of research on a topic. Former police officers and detectives are hired in this field. There is another degree you might need to be in this profession is a post-secondary degree.

5. Makeup Artist

The degree you need– Post-secondary non-degree award

Income– 75,730 dollars

Working as a makeup artist in the theatres or in the entertainment biz can get you a good amount of money. A post-secondary certificate and ongoing training while working as a makeup artist can build competitive nature.

The demand for makeup artists is growing day by day, remember you have to be good at what you will be doing. You can consider this job as the highest paying job without a degree.

6. Computer Support Specialist

Degree you need– Certification

Income– 54,760 dollars

This era is dependent on computers and mobiles, therefore people always look for people who will be able to fix the device if anything goes wrong. Although you may need two to four years of experience in computer science, information science.

There are people who become experts on these topics all by themselves and are doing good in their professional life. Post-secondary classes can enlighten you more, so taking the classes can be useful, as it offers several positions. The job growth is 8%.

The Bottom Line

There are options everywhere where you can find a job with any degree.

Companies nowadays don’t look for a degree, they see if you are smart and skilled enough.

They believe in actions rather than something written on paper. It’s a bonus if you have the degree but are not sure if it is always gonna get you the job you are looking for.

This article gives 6 professions that almost need no degree. Therefore choose one and get going! Leave a comment down below, and share your story with us.








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