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Top 10 Fun & Engaging Corporate Team Development Activities That You Need To Try Now!

With corporations working remotely, it has become more than important for businesses to provide a mix of fun virtual and in-person team-building activities to maintain the culture of the company.

Team activities are important for developing a healthy workplace environment and a rather admired employment brand. But irrespective of the efforts taken by the businesses, some team-building ideas just don’t translate into engagement deals.

And when these activities are taken virtual, engaging the attendees becomes all the more difficult. But, what is it that creativity can’t resolve? Carefully chosen and planned group activities that align with your company’s culture, while also enjoyed by your employees have many benefits.

This especially includes enhanced productivity and communication skills, as well as the opportunity to identify those with powerful leadership skills.

Most engaging ideas to cheer your people up.

1.   Icebreaker Quizzes

Icebreaker quiz is the perfect way to get the attendees to participate and interact with each other. From traditional quizzes to ice breaking sessions held virtually, people do appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge while also having some fun in the process.

Virtual event platforms are ideal for conducting events like quizzes and trivia.

2.   Karaoke Night

Hosting a karaoke night can be a deal maker for keeping the audience engaged. Karaokes are immersive, just like virtual conference social activity,this can certainly get people out of their comfort zones and turn them all excited and energetic.

3.   Idea Sharing

People love sharing ideas, this, when turned into an activity, gets people pumped up. Make groups of attendees and get them to prepare a pitch or come up with an idea. This will ignite their interest and keep them active throughout the course of the event.

4.   Social Wall

Setting up a social wall is a promising way to keep the excitement of your audience at an all-time high. With a social wall, you can showcase what your employees are posting on social media about you or the event.

Generating curiosity and excitement in the minds of the attendees gets easy by displaying a social wall at the in-person and virtual events. In fact, more people will be excited to be share content speaking of the event, thus improving the engagement of your wall.

5.   Virtual Game Night

Gaming together helps in decision-making, leadership, and easing team communications. By playing games together, you can easily create experiences that everyone would love. Games that are out-of-the-box, fun, or familiar can easily get more people to participate.

Thus, enhancing the audience engagement rates.

6.   Outsource Entertainment

Artists can effectively entertain your lot without having to run wild. Outsource entertainers like musicians, stand-up comics, sketch artists, etc., to captivate the attention of your audience, and keep them hooked to their performance.

It is a great way to keep the audience entertained and wanting them to come back for more.

7.   Set Up A Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth is yet another amazing way to lure the attention of the audience. Add the theme of your event, brand logos, etc., to promote your brand while also fetch the attention of the audience

The best part about setting up a photo booth is that it can be set up in both physical and virtual setups. Your employees can share the pictures clicked on social media channels and encourage others to also do the same. This can then be shared on a real-time updated wall.

8.   Showcase High-End Compelling Content

Irrespective of how well you plan your event, content is the only weapon in your arsenal that can help you have an edge.

Fetching the attention of the attendees and holding onto it until the event lasts, is indeed a challenging task. Here, showcasing content that adds value to your attendees, ignites their curiosity, and keeps them engaged throughout, is imperative.

Visuals, especially in a video format, easily captivate the audience. That is why 61% of marketers leverage them to initiate interactions.

9.   Let Your Audiences Interact With Each Other

Create room for your audience to interact with you and amongst themselves. A group chat is a great way to facilitate networking, as they can ask questions, post comments, respond to them, and meet like-minded people.

Alternatively, you can also create themes around which audiences can share their opinions and ideas. A conversational event is the best way to gather your attendees’ engagement because nobody likes to be bombarded with information or just sit still while performances happen.

10.  Office Trivia

Test the knowledge of your audience by asking them questions about your business, operations, working, etc., to check their knowledge and the best part about conducting this is that it doesn’t require any specific preparations.

While it can potentially increase interactions between the attendees and your corporate house.

Over To You

Now that you know some of the best ideas that you can include to enhance the engagement of your event attendees, include them when you conduct your next!

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