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Three Benefits of Working With LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services

LifeLabs is one of Canada’s leading laboratory management and testing service providers, contributing to the treatment and prevention of disease. They offer more than just lab testing – they also provide the expertise and equipment that healthcare professionals need to perform their work. Learn more about LifeLabs medical laboratory services. We’ve outlined some of the benefits of working with them below. This article focuses on three of those benefits. We hope this information has been helpful for you.


LifeLabs Medical Laboratories is one of the largest clinical lab testing companies in Canada. It has over 50 years of experience, and a mission to diagnose, monitor, and prevent disease. The company’s online booking system makes it easy to schedule an appointment, whether you need a blood test or other test performed. The free Moovit app is a great tool to use on the go. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can check its availability and book an appointment in advance or wait until the last minute.

The database contains extensive customer and contextual information about the company’s services and operations. It also includes information on the company’s relationships with other companies, including UKG and Microsoft. It also includes information about LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services’ overall Digital Transformation projects, and the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole. This database allows customers to see how LifeLabs works in order to improve their services. The life sciences industry is rapidly evolving, and a comprehensive understanding of this evolving field is essential for businesses of all sizes.

LifeLabs is a Canadian-owned, community-based laboratory services provider. It employs more than 5,400 professionals, providing convenient and accurate laboratory services to patients and health care providers. The company serves approximately 19 million patients a year. LifeLabs recently acquired BC Biomedical in British Columbia and CML HealthCare in Ontario. The OMERS Administration Corporation manages LifeLabs’ interests in the company. This transaction has been announced.

A medical laboratory is a key component of treatment for a patient’s illness. The tests carried out by a lab help the doctor make a proper diagnosis and determine the course of treatment. Medical laboratories also help monitor the impact of drugs and other treatments on body components. In addition, they are vital for accurate data analysis and disease control. So, if you’re looking for a quality laboratory, LifeLabs is your best bet.

Contextual Genomics

Contextual Genomics is a genomics company that has received a $12 million investment from an overseas investor. The investment will be used to expand the company’s distribution around the world and to continue developing technologies for personalized cancer treatments. The company also plans to expand its medical service offerings to include genomics for oncologists and other cancer specialists. It has been in operation since 2012.

The company’s cancer-specific tests include FIND ITTM, a multiplex next-generation sequencing assay that evaluates the mutation status of tumour DNA at 146 well-characterized positions. The panel also incorporates QUALITY NEXUSTM, a cloud-based analysis engine. The FOLLOW ITTM assay detects cell-free tumor DNA in the plasma of cancer patients and is in development. FOLLOW IT will enable oncologists to track disease progression in patients with widespread metastatic disease.

In Canada, LifeLabs has a wide network of collection centres across hundreds of communities that allow patients to provide their samples easily and conveniently. Additionally, healthcare providers can request that LifeLabs Genetics provide them with a free sample collection kit. The company has opened a genetics laboratory today, following the company’s recent announcement that it would establish a national genomic database. These tests will be available through healthcare providers across the country.

A genetic test’s clinical value depends on how the specimen is handled, and LifeLabs genetics experts offer a full range of testing options to meet the needs of a patient. The company’s genetics team can define customized preferred provider programs and provide support for predefined batches of tests, set quotas, and study milestones. This ensures that the results are accurate and reliable. The labs team is committed to minimizing errors and delays.

Centogene AG’s Canadian business is part of LifeLabs’ test portfolio. LifeLabs acquired Centogene AG, a German company specializing in genetic testing for inherited diseases. Centogene is the world’s largest database of rare disease genetic mutations and performs tests for a number of genetic centers across Canada. LifeLabs medical laboratory services offer contextual genomics for the first time.


The Ontario government approved a controversial deal between LifeLabs and CML Healthcare Inc. in 2013, creating what is known as a “giant mega-lab” that will control outpatient medical testing for two out of three residents of Ontario. While many critics are concerned that this deal will cause a number of job cuts and fewer patient appointments, the deal also represents a massive opportunity for Lifelabs to take advantage of both the government and patients.

The deal is expected to create a single company with more than 100 locations across Canada. The combined company will also assume approximately C$255 million in debt. The company currently has about 200 lab locations throughout Ontario and British Columbia, processing around four million tests annually. In total, LifeLabs will provide 50 million laboratory tests in Canada every year. The combined company is expected to have a total annual revenue of C$1.22 billion.

The acquisition of CML by LifeLabs will expand their reach into the community. Both companies share a common commitment to providing high-quality diagnostic services that support the work of Ontario health care providers. Together, the companies will expand their delivery of high-quality diagnostic services through dedicated lab testing sites and patient service centres. Further, the acquisition will further their mission of providing high-quality medical laboratory services to community patients. They are also committed to improving health outcomes for those they serve through their laboratory services.

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