Some Best Health Benefits Of Rainier Cherries

The Rainier cherry may be eaten fresh or cooked into cakes, tarts, pies, and cheesecakes, among other dishes. People often mistake them for unripe dark cherries but they are actually just a different variety. They give you an essential boost of nutrients including potassium, copper and vitamin C!

The rainier cherry adds freshness to various dishes with its distinct sweetness that is slightly more subtle than other tart fruit like the sour plum. Bursting with vitamins A & C along with antioxidants; it’s no wonder why these little gems have been recognized by those who want to live healthier lives (and eat healthier foods). Continue to read to know Health Benefits of Rainier Cherries.

Health Benefits of Rainier Cherries

Who says rainier cherries are just for eating? Apparently, they can be used to treat an ailment or condition too. The following health benefits of the fruit have been reported:

They’re A Rich Source of Nutrients

It is also a good source of potassium and vitamin C that may offer antioxidant protection from free radicals along with anti-inflammatory benefits to help protect against heart disease. Melatonin, catechins, and flavanols, all present in the fruit, were shown to contribute to its healthfulness.

Relives Insomnia

Rainier cherries are known to have melatonin, a hormone that helps your body regulate circadian rhythm which is critical for healthy sleep. ​

Reduces Inflammation

Antioxidants present in Rainier cherries, anthocyanins and cyanidin, may have anti-inflammatory effects. Although further research is needed in human studies to confirm these results, early evidence suggests that antioxidants may be beneficial in inflammatory illnesses like arthritis.

Assists Diabetics in Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

While early studies using animal pancreatic cells show that the antioxidant anthocyanin helps to increase insulin production by 50%, more research is needed.

Provides Quercetin

Rainier cherries provides quercetin, a natural flavonoid shown to help neutralize DNA damage and protect against heart disease and certain cancers.

Provide Arthritis Relief

Ingesting Rainier cherries as a regular part of your diet can help alleviate symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.

Great Source of Iron

Cherry juice is the perfect beverage to quench your thirst this summer. Not only does it taste delicious, but its alkaline nature helps eliminate various harmful toxins in the body.

Facilitates Weight Loss

Rainier cherries are a great addition to your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. They have fewer than 100 calories per cup and contain vitamins that increase metabolism, which flush out toxins from the body.

How To Calculate Macros For Your Diet?

To calculate macros, you need to specify height, age, weight, activity level, and your meals per day.

The best way to count macros is using a macro calculator because most of them are readily available on the internet and are mostly free of cost.

Calculate Macros

You can also calculate it manually, but it can be a hectic job for many people, so calculators are best.

Cancer-Fighting Agents

Cherries are rich in antioxidants which can lower inflammation and oxidative stress. According to research published in the Journal of Nutrition, eating 45 cherries daily for 28 days reduced levels of many hazardous inflammatory markers.

Lowers Hypertension

This means that eating a cup of Rainier cherries may help to reduce the risk for high blood pressure. The potassium in these fruits helps remove excess sodium from your body, which balances out both minerals and keeps your heart healthy by maintaining stable levels of electrolytes.

It Keeps your Heart Healthy

These powerful polyphenols contained in Rainier cherries have been proven in studies to help prevent heart disease by decreasing inflammation and supporting healthy arterial function. One American Heart Association study even tied higher anthocyanin intake to a lower risk of heart attacks for women between the ages of 18-50!


Health Benefits of Rainier Cherries, They can help improve brain function and reduce stress levels which is a big problem in today’s society. Eating these delicious fruits will not only provide you with essential vitamins but also give you the added benefit of reduced anxiety as well as improved concentration skills. The next time you go shopping for groceries, be sure to pick up some fresh rainier cherries from your local grocery store!

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