Saute Pan: All You Need To Know

Cookware is of various types, and among the pieces of cookware, pans are the most important ones. Pans are essential for every (kind of) cooking, and there’s no doubt that a saute pan or SP is the critical cookware for your kitchen, and no other pan can replace it. Some call SP a skillet pan, frypan, ladle, or just a pan. And if you are looking for the same pan, you must know how to recognize a proper SP.

The article will describe the meaning of an SP and the essential features one must look for while purchasing the pan.

What is an SP?

The SP has straight sides, flat bottom, a lid, and a long handle. Sometimes, there will be a short “helper” handle opposite the main long handle.

When you use this pan to saute something, its every feature comes in handy. Whether you call it a saute pan (SP) or not, don’t let anyone sell you a skillet or fry pan saying it is an SP. You must be wondering what is with this pan that can be used to saute various food items. The concept behind sauteing is to cook food in an instant over high heat in a small amount of fat (oil or butter). If you are wondering where the name saute came from, France is the answer. And the meaning is “to jump.” Why name it like that? You must have seen on TV real-life chefs tossing the pan back and forth over a huge flame and flipping the vegetables or something in the air. And those ingredients land back perfectly on the pan; that’s why the name “saute.”

What are the essential features of a good SP?

As mentioned above, this cookware has unique features, making it the favourite of many homemakers and chefs. Those features are:


The pan has a wide flat bottom, so you get more room in the pan, and more ingredients can be included in it. Why does the width matter? Suppose you are sauteing a few chicken breasts, and if the pan is crowded with the meat, ingredients/vegetables, instead of turning brown, the meat will steam. If you don’t want soggy meat, better get an SP.

One more benefit of the flat bottom is that you can make the pan jump on the burner. A curved pan cannot be slid back and forth like the SP.


The handle is essential for two reasons. First, the handle can be used to move the pan/food from the stove to the oven or another place. And the handle is long for a reason. It would be best if you moved the pan around the top of the flame.


A proper fitting lid is necessary for the pan. Not just the saute one, but all pans require a lid so that the cooking becomes more manageable and the food can be kept at a high temperature.


Sauteing is something that heats the pan quickly and cools down. Sometimes, the process goes on for a long time, especially when you are cooking for many people. In that case, the copper metal is the right choice.


A saute pan can be seen in different sizes, ranging from 1qt. to 7qt. But, the perfect size is somewhere in the middle.

These are the crucial features of the SP, and you can see where you cannot compromise on the features. So keep these points in mind and buy a pan suitable for your needs.

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