Planning Healthcare for the Future – Immersive Learning for Future Nurses

Nursing and healthcare is an industry that a lot of young learners are interested in pursuing. A lot of learners of all ages can see themselves working within healthcare, and certainly as a nursing professional, because it is both fulfilling and rewarding. Within healthcare and nursing, those future nurses will be able to have a tangible impact on a lot of lives, and this will provide them with a great sense of achievement. So, how can immersive learning be used for future nurses, and why is it important?

The Healthcare and Nursing Industry Needs Fresh Talent

It is no secret that the healthcare sector is in need of fresh talent. New nurses that come into the nursing industry (and healthcare sector) will replace those professionals that are moving on and even retiring. If fresh talent is not acquired regularly, the standards in care will fall sharply, which would affect the patient experience. It would then have a knock-on effect on patient relationships. Strained patient relationships can be hard to regain, so avoiding breakdowns at all costs is important.

Engaging Students from an Early Age 

When students are engaged with a love of learning, they thoroughly enjoy every aspect of learning. Engaging students from younger ages and keeping the love of learning going consistently can be challenging. However, with persistence, focus and direction, it is easier to achieve. To engage students from an early age, role play is good, and lots of real-life scenarios are often beneficial. Using real-life case studies of nurses and other healthcare professionals will help them to associate and see who does what role and who has what responsibilities.

Why Immersion Is the Best Route

Being thrown in at the deep end is not always the best way for students to learn. However, being thrown in at the deep end and immersion are two separate learning styles. When learners discover and learn about nursing and the healthcare sector, they get to see the direct correlation between health services and those that work within the services. They also get to see the real difference and impact they are having. If immersion was not used, then it would be difficult to try and explain (and demonstrate) how important and crucial nurses are both now and in the future too.

Suitable Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities and roles on offer within healthcare and within nursing too, and it is important that learners of all ages see this. For example, there are positions as nursing leaders, and there are also positions as family nurse practitioners. As there are a lot of options with regard to career paths and choices, you can be sure that all learners will be able to find suitable opportunities for them. Suitable opportunities will give students the chance to fulfil their ambitions and objectives.

Studying Successfully Online

A lot of students benefit from studying online, and it is important to see the value and opportunities that exist in online studying. When students and learners of all ages can study online at a time and place that is comfortable for them, they will get so much more out of the process. When they get a lot out of the process (online learning), they can then reach further and aim higher. This push, drive and desire have to be sustained, and this is once again where their love of learning comes into play. Their drive may get them looking at higher-level programs such as an absn online that can allow them to become a nurse. Or it could get them looking at PHD programs even further down the line. When a good support system is in place to enable online studying to be completed, the sky really is the limit with studying and learning.

Committing to Learning, Training, and Development

A lot of healthcare roles and positions require a commitment to learning, training and development, and it is important that this attitude is promoted and fostered. If the focus is on doing the minimum amount at all times, then the approach will stick, and this will affect their success later down the line. All healthcare professionals (and nurses in particular) need to be constantly learning new ways and methods, training and focusing on development. If they are not, then there will be clear gaps between them and their colleagues – especially once the experience is taken into account.

Learning Soft Skills

Within healthcare and nursing professions, you will find that soft skills are called upon a lot. Teaching younger learners and students soft skills such as effective communication and empathy can help them problem solve, and it can help them realise their full potential too. Immersive learning could once again help them directly correlate their newly found and improved soft skills to their everyday lives and routine. Soft skills can help learners of all ages develop, grow, and evolve. As soft skills can be transferable to roles and positions, they will be skills that will stay with them for life.

Seeing the Benefit of a Career as a Nurse

Entering the healthcare industry, and the nursing industry, in particular, can be daunting, especially if the experience is thin on the ground. However, when the benefits of a career as a nurse are seen, then the value is truly appreciated. For instance, nurses provide support to those at the end of their life, earning them trust and extra respect from all involved. In how many other industries and careers can the same be said?

Seeing Potential Future Opportunities

Populations swell, and people live longer through healthier diets and lifestyles, and these two areas have to be accounted for, and future preparations have to be put in place. When you have entered the industry, you will see that potential and future opportunities for growth and development exist in the nursing and healthcare industry. The growth that could lead to leadership or growth that could impact and affect the lives of thousands is what you would be looking at.

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