How to start your own small item courier business

Whether you are thinking of starting as a small item courier in your spare time to bring in some extra cash or whether you are looking at making this your ticket to freedom of being employed.

There are some fundamental areas that you will need to think about before you take the plunge into your new venture, other than putting together a business plan that will ensure that your route to self-sufficiency is well recorded, but also if you are in need of a business loan to get you started.

Make sure you get your online presence right

When you are starting any business, it is important to get your online presence right. In most cases, this means calling in professional web designers to make sure that your website not only does what you want it to but that it looks great as well.

However, your online presence does not just stop at your website. You will also have to put effort into your social media profile too so that you can take full advantage of this way of advertising your business to potential customers.

Choose your perfect vehicle

When you are thinking of being a courier of small items, you will be able to concentrate on obtaining a small quick vehicle such as a motorcycle. A motorcycle is nippy, rarely gets caught up in traffic congestion, and is easy to manoeuvrer.

Sourcing your perfect motorcycle has never been easier thanks to the internet, and with multiple businesses selling motorcycles online, either on business sites or on sites such as eBay, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

There are businesses that will help you when it comes to motorcycle shipping and getting your new motorcycle to you. For instance, using the services of a shipping broker can free up your valuable time. A motorcycle shipping broker will be able to supply you with multiple quotes from many different businesses so that you can peruse them at your leisure and select which is right for your motorcycle shipping experience.

Start looking for work

Investing in some good quality SEO services so that your potential customers can find you online is a must, and if your social media profile is up to scratch, you can start posting adverts about your services there, but there are other places you can go to get work if you choose.

There are many take out services that are always looking for couriers or drivers to deliver their foods to their ordering customers, and then there are websites such as task monkey that allow members of the public to advertise jobs that they want to be carried out and these jobs do sometimes include delivery driving.

You will also find it highly beneficial to advertise in your local area such as in shop windows, on notice boards, or with flyers through local neighborhood’s doors. Then, of course, there are the local newspapers and magazines, not forgetting local radio stations.

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