I was a participant in EDEN IAS and highly recommend it. The school gave me a shift in perspective, holistic development which taught me the importance of hard work and commitment and helped me grow into more successful, regardless of my UPSC results. (Though I was able to IAS Coaching in Delhi write Mains on my first attempt due to EDEN).

UPSC Preparation has no One-shoe-fit-all method. There isn’t a single answer or course that can meet every student’s studying style and requirements.

EDEN IAS is an institution that is an example of dedication, hard work and motivation, selfless work and much more. EDEN IAS – Utkarsh is one stop solution for Civil Services preparation for aspirants who are in the final year of their graduation, graduate, post graduate or above. 

There is multi stage preparation approach to leave no stones unturned for this exam. Every aspirant wants to crack UPSC/ IAS exam in their first attempt, so it is necessary to follow every preparation step which most of the aspirants skip in their first attempt due to the miss management of time.

I find this to be so unfair. Here is my argument:

  1. students in basement class: They do not realize that the purpose of class is to pass UPSC and not to have the most luxurious classroom. Sir is courteous and there are more than 10, Aces throughout the room to ensure that there is air circulation!
  2. Class begins late the class starts late. However, it’s worth the long wait. We never consider the amount of time that is wasted in tea-time, going out to eat or talking on the phone. Furthermore, he imparts his knowledge with a high degree of efficiency and you’ll eventually finish your studies worth eight hours in four hours.
  3. Snacks as a marketing tactic: It’s not a common option and, when it happens it isn’t worth a second thought. Snacks are given out when classes are extended over the normal time. This can help in reducing the time in giving breaks to the entire class of 200 to 300 students.
  4. Reading aloud is a great way of remembering and retaining ideas, newspaper.
  5. Fees that are expensive: The cost are very low compared with other popular names like Vision as well as Other.
  6. Fees Refund: There’s been an open and clear statement that there isn’t a demo class. Once you have started taking classes and then decide to change your mind there will not be a refund. To be fair, there are a several orientation classes that can assist you in making a decision. The idea of blaming an institution with an uncompromising and fair system is not fair.
  7. I think it was that’s the only class where the instructor remembers the name of all students from the class of 200-300, and also who was absent from what classes. There is no doubt about his staff’s reliability however, he is ensuring that he pays attention to students.

This exam is one in which the candidates are required to give up a number of years of their lives, avoid home as well as their friends and family. EDEN IAS is an institute that is focused on the fundamentals of studying and passing the test with the least expensive fee structure. It will ensure that you are able to remember when you revise and study several times within the classroom.

If a student spends their time in the classroom or doesn’t study for self-study and blames the school or Sir, there is no shortcuts to success.

There is no doubt about TIRTHANKAR ROY Sir’s teaching strategy and strategy. It is comprehensive and aligns with the UPSC method of asking questions in another angle than the one you would expect. For e.g. A question was asked in 2020 regarding South China Sea in Paper 1 instead of Paper 2 of IR as was expected. Sir made it clearly that it was not the case.

I could go on and on about this one-man army institute with 100 positives, along with the few negatives that are so masked that they aren’t even there.

When I made the decision to begin my journey towards UPSC exam preparation for 2021 in my 2021 year, I was to Quora to find the top coaching institute. The answer turned out was Vajiram & Ravi. However, after a year of classes at the institute as well as being a resident of Old Rajinder Nagar and meeting the top students, I came to know the top institution 3 Years IAS foundation Course. I enrolled in EDEN IAS where the actual preparation began with a positive direction. I’ve never experienced this much energy, such incredible enthusiasm, unwavering integrity and the true meaning of education in the top educational institutions such as IIT or DU. If you’re seeking a positive return on cash and effort, EDEN IAS is definitely the right option.

Best of luck!


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