Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds: Considerations for Choosing a Suitable One

You will likely find a dog in five out of ten homes and this may be higher more. This is because they are just loveable and adorable creatures. They are fun to be with and useful for a variety of purposes. This makes them the most domesticated animal in the world.

Nevertheless, buying a dog should not be a decision you make without proper consideration. You must give careful thought to why you want the dog. This will inform the kind of dog you should get and also how you will take care of your pet.

By doing this, you are not only helping yourself in making the right decision but you are also being considerate of the animal. This is important as there are many types of dog breeds. You need to choose an ideal one based on its purpose and characteristics. You can read about them here.

What to Consider When Buying A Dog

Buying A Dog

There are several reasons why people own dogs. Some are simply for companionship while others want them as guides, for security, for work, etc. To achieve these purposes, you must get a canine that has suitable characteristics.

Dogs come in a variety of breeds and this determines a lot about them. It is what determines their temperament, looks, size and other characteristics. There are around 400 different breeds and all of them have unique traits that set them apart. These breeds are categorized into 7 major groups which are:

  • The working group
  • The toy group
  • The herding group
  • The sporting group
  • The non-sporting group
  • The hound group
  • The terrier group

So, when trying to get a dog, you need to understand the breed’s behavior and temperament. This will help you to know if it is the best to choose or not. Below are some factors that you need to put into consideration when doing so:

The Reason You Need the Dog

Typically, a large number of people have dogs as family pets but canines may be used for other purposes too. Some of these include security reasons like you will find in law enforcement and in some homes. They may also be trained and used as guide dogs to help handicapped people.

Furthermore, they may be used for work on a farm to corral farm animals. Some may use them as exercise buddies and still, others may require them for hunting. You will find that there are particular breeds that are fit for each of these purposes. For instance, if you want a family dog, you should choose one that is sociable, kid-friendly and is less aggressive,

Dog Temperament and Behavior

After considering the reason you need the dog, the next important consideration is its characteristics and behavior. Most dogs are friendly and loyal but some are aggressive and not sociable. Some are small in size and like the indoors making them great to be used as pets and companions.

Some others typically thrive outdoors and like to run around. They do not like to be confined in any way. They are powerful, strong and restless. These kinds of animals are best used for security and for work as they may not be the most ideal companions.

To understand the temperament and characteristics of a particular breed, you will need to research that breed. You can do so online or by reading books. You can check out holisatpet dog breeds to begin your research.

You may also get practical knowledge by visiting with owners of a particular dog breed. You can ask questions as well as observe the dog while you are there. It is however important to know that individual dogs do defer slightly in behavior and temperament. Factors like the kind of training they received, environment and so on can influence this.

Your Lifestyle and Resources Available To You

A critical part of owning pets like dogs is taking care of them. Although most dogs do not require a lot of attention (some do), nevertheless, you need to take proper care of them. These include but are not limited to providing them with a proper diet and water, grooming, training and visiting the vet occasionally.

Doing all these require some amount of time as well as money. Dog food and visiting the vet can be expensive but if you want your pet to be healthy, you need to provide this. Also, you have to spend time with your pet. If you know you are too busy to do so, it is best you do not get a dog. Alternatively, you can get one that does not require so much attention.

Even at this, you still have to create time occasionally to spend with the dog. You have to provide a conducive environment and all the supplies your pet will need. Not doing this will mean cruelty to the animal.

You, therefore, need to consider this critically before going ahead to get a pet. You can read this article to get further information.


Humans are fond of dogs and rightly so for their friendship, companionship, and other benefits that can be derived from them. However, getting a canine should not be taken as a light decision. It requires thoughtfulness and thorough consideration.

This is because on the one end, there are different breeds of dogs and they are fit for different purposes. You must therefore know the breed that fits the reasons you want it. On the other hand, you must be able to adequately care for the dog. If you are not able to do so, it is best that you do not get one.

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