Chopta Trek

Chopta Trek: Most Exciting Trek

Trek to Chopta is often extended to Chandrashila and Deorital. In about a week all the destinations are covered with a sense of fulfilment encircling you. A stack of attractive locations along with the dashing culture of mountains is the best combination for a vacation. It is not enough to admire the beauty of Chopta and even harder to put in words the glory that stairs up to a height of 12,000 ft. An honorable opportunity to relish that offers solace must not be missed. Chopta trek is not only a location that is beyond sea level but soundless beauty as well. Advancing each step on this trek is like discovering a new wonder in life that was hidden to surprise you only here. Let excitement loom over you while you are on this trek.

Interesting Specifications

Exploring Chopta with Chandrashila and Deoriatal happens to be 30km of the trek. Uttarakhand being the permanent residence of this trek greets you with delighting spirituality. The iconic nature is saturated with stunning vistas of flora and fauna. Birds are the most tempting experience on this trek where you are fortunate to not only gaze at their various looks but also observe their magical chirps in abundance. It is a moment of utter excitement when a variety of birds perch over the ledges of the temple top are seen to be singing at their charm. Chopta is largely known for the temples and shrines built in obeisance to reverend Gods and Goddesses. Consequently, it shelters the devotion of thousands of pilgrims every year.

The tale of Trail

As you tread through forests and meadows, rapid changes in landscape start to occur. Different shades of color appear to be familiarising your view as you keep on advancing to the peak. These colors are produced by the vibrancy of rhododendrons, rays of the Sun, and miraculous sky. The first destination of this trek falls at Deoriatal where you explore the fabulous lake mirroring you wrapped up by Mother Nature. The silence of this 7,800 ft high valley is eternal and encourages you to spend a day here. The stay at Deoria Tal is swayed by stargazing at night. The quest for Chopta starts the next day and a gorgeous view of major mountain ranges such as Bandarpoonch, Chaukhamba, and many more start a parallel trail with you. At Chopta you can reside for one day to absorb the serenity of the place. Visit the nearest temples and try some Himalayan cuisines prepared by the locals. Chandrashila Peak is the most-awaited destination of this trek that allows you to shed all the exhaust caused on your way as you come closer to an array of mountains creating an amphitheater of heights. A visit to the Tungnath temple cannot be excluded as you wander around Chandrashila. The Tungnath temple has the power to make you feel at home at its abode. When you discover the faith of hundreds of people flocking there you realize how much people are dedicated towards that eternal idol and their hometown. This makes you even more fulfilled.

Essential Guidance

Knowing the possibilities of occurrences on your trail is important to stay on the safe side as you embark on your adventure. The unpredictable weather may become an obstruction to carry forward the trail, however, if chosen the best time then you may avert this from happening. Going on this trek from April to June can reduce this risk. Otherwise waiting for the weather to take away the gloom could be feasible as well. Rugged terrains and steeper inclines sometimes involve minor injuries but once you get accustomed to the climb it will barely matter. Moreover, a quick first aid is recommended to avoid any increment in the injury. Winter gears should be properly and adequately packed to survive the piercing cold given that you are traveling during the winter season the temperature comes down drastically. However, Occasional Sunlight tends to aid you for a while. The Chopta peak is best suitable for BSNL networks. Other networks may or may not assist you in uninterrupted communication so make sure that you are prepared for a communication gap with the civilized world while you are on the trek.

Highlights of the trek

A well-defined pavement directs you to Tungnath from Chopta. While observing other shrines near Tungnath, Chandrashila peak comes to your view even more clearly. The path that guides you to Chandrashila is called Ravanshila and connects Chandrashila fromTungnath. The descent is easier than the climb so it is less worrisome on the peak when you savor the mesmerizing views of Thalay Sagar, Nanda Devi, and multiple others.

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