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Aviation with LTE 4G/5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

The future of aviation is connected as smart aviation brings several opportunities. The transformation in connectivity has come to the aviation industry in the form the connected aircraft, making flights safer, more productive, and much more entertaining. Further, connected aircraft will redefine the way people communicate on the plane and bring extremely helpful features like flight status tracking as well as flight-to-flight (machine-to-machine) communication. So, now let us see how Accurate 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Accurate RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester will help Aviation sector

The connected airports incorporating advanced technology such as 5G will be able to develop their operations in terms of improving business efficiency, making workers more productive, and providing a more streamlined travel experience to the customers while reducing costs. Hence, for digitalization and automation in the aviation industry, choosing of 5G private wireless network is the ultimate way to extend network coverage and provide QoE for aviation companies.

Using a 5G private network, some of the use cases that will benefit aviation companies in their operation:

  • wireless communication 5G private network for the aviation industry is needed for avionics not only to reduce operational and maintenance costs but also to maintain safe and efficient aviation operations.
  • Pilots need to use high-frequency radio signals to keep track of airplanes by communicating with ground staff and other aircraft – using such innovative network technology with fast and reliable connectivity, aircraft in low-altitude airspace play an important role in terms of emergency communication, routing patrol, and wireless data relay, etc.
  • A robust private 5G wireless network coverage will be useful for the convenience of onboard passengers throughout their journey as they can avail of good network coverage on the flight. This will help them to check and send emails, listen to music, watch videos, and contact their family thereby making their journey enjoyable.

Benefits Of Connected Aircraft:

  • Provides flight route optimization that saves fuel and flight time.
  • Gives you weather avoidance which helps for improved fuel economy and an enjoyable flight.
  • Delivers flight data and data analysis.
  • Better fleet management and boost efficiencies across the fleet.
  • Provide a personalized or custom-made passenger experience.
  • Offers security, and robust connectivity, which helps flight crews with air traffic control and airline operation center communications.
  • Gives reliability to the cabin crews to provide support for passengers in areas such as medical issues.
  • Provides passengers an “at-home” connected experience and engages them in the air.

Connected aviation is the future, hence various airports have started using digital technology such as new wireless communication technology – digitized airport or connected aviation industry with 5G/4G wireless technology can avail airport-wide coverage, unified voice, and data opportunities, and enhanced security with cost-effectiveness solutions. But the wireless network technology in airports brings the issue of security and reliability, so aviation companies need network monitoring and testing tools such as RantCell to test network connectivity in the airports. With RantCell, now digitized airports/smart aircraft/connected aviation will have to monitor 4G/5G coverage measurement at their fingertips. Network connectivity with secured wireless internet technology is a must for efficient flight operations.


As demand for connectivity in aviation grows, the airline experience is quickly progressing – starting from outside the airport, the check-in procedure, inside the main cabin, to the flight deck and control tower communications. The 5G/4G network coverage and data connectivity touch each element of the flight to ensure real-time communications, efficiency, and most importantly, safety.

Aviation companies or connected airports can provide their passengers with improved network coverage with QoE by using RantCell, and prevent themselves from poor network coverage, low-speed data, and poor video streaming experience. In addition, with RantCell, you will be able to provide your travelers with a smooth traveling experience – starting with faster check-ins and a better airport experience (uninterrupted internet for calling, streaming, social media, and more).

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