Adopting a Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Adopting a new canine companion is an extremely exciting concept. When you embrace the prospect of rescuing a new dog from a shelter, you’re ultimately allowing them to have a second chance at life and the opportunity to make new memories with their new family. An abandoned dog may never have known love or attention, which means that deciding to adopt is a long commitment that should take some real thought.

If you’re sure that adopting a dog is the right choice for you, this article is going to provide all of the information you need to know about what to expect through the process:

1.   You can search for a dog that suits your family

One of the most important aspects of adopting instead of buying a puppy is that it is possible to select a dog that fits your family’s needs. Unlike concentrating on a single breed, you’ll be open to seeing a variety of breeds and getting a feel for which dog will best match your lifestyle.

Rescue organizations can typically give you an idea of the dog’s background and an insight into their personality. You’ll also gain insight into their levels of activity and whether they are safe around children. By weighing up all of this information, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether the dog is a good choice for you.

2.   Find a great vet

Depending on the age and medical history of your dog, they may need to visit the vets more regularly than having a puppy. With this in mind, you need to be sure that you can dedicate the time and money to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Before the adoption process can take place, you may need to prove that you have selected a veterinary practice for your potential new dog. It would be worth signing up with a veterinary surgery, such as an Estero veterinary clinic that provides a full extent of treatments such as exams, vaccines, surgery, and more so that you are covered in all situations.

3.   They may come already trained

One of the benefits of adopting a dog is that they may come already house trained and understand basic commands. Puppies take a great deal of time and effort to become fully trained; however, a mature dog may already have been trained by a previous owner or by the shelter. It is worth noting that it can often be more difficult to train an adult dog; therefore, you may find it useful to seek advice from a dog behaviorist or join training classes. You may have specific things you’d like them to learn, such as running alongside you, coming back to you when called, or walking steadily on the lead.

4.   Some rescue dogs have challenging behaviors

Rescue dogs can come with their own issues, such as separation and social anxiety or food guarding, which can cause issues in everyday life. As their new potential owner, you may be asked by the shelter whether you have the time and dedication to work on these concerns.

The road won’t be easy, but by helping your canine friend overcome their fears and problems, you’re sure to create a deeper bond.

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