About CTrader.

cTrader, developed by Software Systems Ltd., is a full-featured online trading platform for currency pairings and CFDs. Level II pricing, an order range that includes stop and limit orders, as well as asynchronous order processing and sophisticated protection are just some of the cTrader features. With cTrader web Automate, traders can build algorithmic trading robots to automate trading methods. It is a comprehensive, powerful, and intuitive Algorithmic Trading Solution.

Features of cTrader.

  • Charting and Manual Trading Platform of the Highest Quality A prominent multi-asset Forex and CFD platform, cTrader offers comprehensive charting capabilities, complex order types, level II pricing, rapid entry and execution. This is accessible on numerous platforms thanks to its spectacular user interface, linked to the most advanced backend technology.
  • The cTrader Copy. A Groundbreaking New Way to Invest. With cTrader Copy, anybody can earn money by sharing their trading system as a Strategy Provider. Other traders may explore and duplicate the available tactics and enjoy a risk-free investment. Traders can also employ risk management strategies.
  • Trades are automatically executed by using cTrader Automate. Algorithmic Trading as a Complete Solution For traders who want to automate their trading techniques, cTrader Automate is a robust and easy-to-use solution. Users of cTrader’s current C# API may create custom indicators and trading robots within the integrated development environment.
  • cTrader’s API is open. Using cTrader’s Open API, you may create your apps. It’s a free, secure, and publicly accessible API that everyone may access. Web, mobile, and desktop apps built using cTrader’s existing technologies can be used to connect to and trade with any cTrader account.
  • The FIX API for cTrader. CTrader web Accounts may now be traded using a FIX API. Every trader with a cTrader account can access the industry-standard FIX API trading interface. Access is free and does not involve any payment, commitment, or administration on your part. Rules of engagement for FIX API trading have been devised primarily for retail traders and further improved to allow Trading with Hedging accounts.
  • A mobile version of cTrader. Apps for iOS and Android that are built in cTrader. For those who prefer to trade on the go, the cTrader mobile app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play. It is possible to trade and analyse on the move from anywhere globally thanks to the tablet-optimised versions of both products.

For Traders, cTrader has several advantages.

The cTrader platform offers a wide range of functionality to satisfy any trader’s requirements. Trades can be executed manually, automatically, or by copying other traders’ trades, all from the side menu of the cTrader web.

Fast-entry and execution, level II pricing, a wide range of orders, asynchronous order processing, and enhanced order protection are all features of manual Trading. CTrader is a good platform for those who want dynamic and detachable charts with numerous time frames and zoom levels, more than 70 pre-installed indicators, and the capability to design your indicators. All-in-one Algorithmic Trading Solution, cTrader Automate. For traders who want to automate their trading techniques, cTrader Automate is a robust and easy-to-use solution.

Automated trading robots and custom indicators may be created in the popular C# language utilising the robust cTrader API using cTrader’s all-inclusive algorithmic trading solution, cTrader Automate. cTrader Analyze offers traders a comprehensive view of their trading activity, including a Performance Summary, an Equity Chart, a Performance Chart, and Statistics on Performance, Volume, and Trading.

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