8 Things That You Must Know Before Travelling To The Maldives

Maldives trip is a dream come true for many. Several people across the world want to visit this paradisiacal land once in their lifetime. This place, situated in the Indian Ocean is no less than a heaven for the water babies. Stretching from north to south across more than 800 km, Maldives is one of the most popular and enchanting destinations for both newly-wed couples and bachelors. It is reputed for boasting some of the best natural creations and spectacular islets and has a phenomenal setting for a weekend getaway.

However, if you are planning for a trip to the Maldives, certain things need to be kept in mind to make it a successful one. But before we list them down for you, get yourself an accommodation via online hotel booking to ensure a secured stay. The Maldives has a huge demand among tourists and therefore, you might get a room at the last moment. Therefore, booking in advance is always the right call. Now let’s begin with the things-to-know list.

Identification Documents Are Essential

One of the mandatory things that you must take care of before travelling, is organise your important papers properly. Whether you plan a trip to a nearby or far away destination, you must always keep your identification cards, drivers’ license and passport safely in a file while packing your bags. Besides, also keep photocopies of each on your phone for further safety. In the Maldives, you might be required to show these documents for verification purposes. Therefore, keeping them safe and handy is a good choice.

Smart Packing Is The Way To Go

While you would want to pack your entire wardrobe for the Maldives trip, it is advisable to carry only the necessary items required for the trip. Stuffing unnecessary items in your bag will not only make it heavy to carry but might also make it difficult for you to manage them for the entire trip. So, pack light but pack smartly. Apart from the vital documents mentioned above, carry light cotton garments, sunglasses, wide-brimmed sun hat, sandals or flip flops, swimwear, water-resistant camera, cash and ATM cards. Besides, also carry a charger and power bank as you would be required to charge your phone often. 

Plan Your Trip According To The Season Type

The Maldives has majorly two seasons: a dry season and a wet season. If you plan to visit here during the dry season i.e. from December to April, you might experience little rain spells and low humidity on your trip. And if you come here between May to November, you will be welcomed with heavy rainfall and strong winds. Therefore, the best time to visit the Maldives is during the dry season as you won’t be uninterrupted much by the rain spells. 

Non-Swimmers Are Also Welcome In The Maldives

Well, Maldives is not just for the swimmers but it also has fun activities for the non-swimmers to engage in. That’s right! The Maldives has ample enthralling water sports both for the swimmers and non-swimmers to have a good time. If you are a non-swimmer, you can go for a boat ride in glass-bottom boats and explore the underwater world from the boat itself. You can enjoy the view of the stunning reefs and rare species of fish, turtles and sharks without having to go underwater.

Delicious Food and Trendy Shopping

A trip to any city includes not only visiting the popular tourist attractions but also getting acquainted with its culture, cuisine and lifestyle. The Maldives, being an important crossroad in the Indian Ocean for traders and visitors has left an everlasting mark on the local cuisine, along with adding to the country’s culture. While fish is the most prevalent aspect of Maldivian food, there is also a distinct variety of cuisines available such as Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan, Thai and Oriental. The Vibrant local flavour in the Male market, traditional Maldivian handicrafts in the Chaandhanee Magu or the Singapore Bazaar are some of the popular street markets in the Maldives to satisfy your shopping needs.

Necessity of Tips

Tips are not a traditional practice in the Maldives and therefore, you do not need to pay tips in this country. Whether you are staying at a hotel or eating at a restaurant, you are not required to pay tips for your stay or meal respectively. However, if you still feel that the service offered was laudable and you should praise it, then you can provide a tip as per your wish.

Some Islands In The Maldives Are Artificial

One of the interesting facts about the Maldives is, not all islands are made from natural occurrences. While most of the islands were made up of volcanoes, some are made artificially by humans. For example, Hulhumale, near the Velana International Airport, is an artificial island created in 2004 by putting loads of sand and concrete to create a base. However, the island retained its natural charm and now, it looks like a real city with concrete roads, stores, houses and a shoreline.

Choose The Right Accommodation

Many important factors need to be considered for choosing the right accommodation at budget-friendly rates in the Maldives. You need to check the accurate location of the resort online and determine whether it is remotely located or over the blue waters. You must also check the room types and amenities provided by each. Many resorts provide water villas but not direct access to water or lagoons. Therefore, you should check for these pieces of information in advance to experience the best stay along with exotic cuisines, sports activities and other facilities the resort has to offer.

Now that you know all about the Maldives, you’re prepared to set out on your trip. So pack your bags, follow the instructions above and start getting ready for the trip.

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