6 Different Bikini Styles You Must Know About

There is neither one perfect season nor the perfect body to wear bikinis. With the right style tips, all women can pick bikinis that are ideal for their body types and make them look flattering.

But buying a bikini can be overwhelming for many. It could be because you don’t know your body type, or you may not have had a pleasurable experience trying one in mall changing rooms with people grumbling right outside the door.

You can have a smooth buying experience from a store or online with the right information. The following section will help you learn about some of the most common types of bikinis and know which is right for you.

Off-shoulder bikinis

Off-shoulder bikinis are chic, elegant, feminine, and best if you attend any poolside event. This style will make the clavicle look elongated and balance your proportions. If you have swan-like necks, delicate shoulders, and broader hips, go for off-shoulder bikinis.

You can pick a monochromatic colour that will channel your inner diva. Also, try a top with crisscross straps or meshed detailing in the front if you got a perkier chest.

High necked bikinis

High-necked or halter bikinis offer maximum coverage. This bikini features different detailing like crochet to mesh and a wide array of prints. If you are into some fun activities while you’re on the beach and need maximum support, high-necked bikinis will be the best choice.

If you have broad shoulders, the top must have a broader piece of fabric from the neck to the top of the armpits to cover more of the clavicle. It can make your shoulders appear smaller and create a sporty beach look.

Low cut bikinis

Low-cut bikinis also go by the term hipster bikinis and start a few inches lower at the pelvic bone than the regular bikinis. You can find them in string styles that accentuate your trim abs or narrower hips.

Low-cut bikinis could be an ideal option if you have a shorter torso and wish to appear taller. You can also adjust the side straps as you want. The basic idea is the lower you can wear, the longer your torso will look.


Skirtinis have a regular bikini top with a skirted bottom for better lower body coverage. You can opt for a skirtini if you have a pear-shaped body with wider hips.

When choosing a skirtini, ensure it falls below your hip’s widest curve to render a slimming effect. Since the style offers more volume, you can select one with a lower waist to avoid looking bulky. You can look for darker colours to create a more slimming effect and try to avoid fabrics that are stiff and thick.

High legged bikinis

The bottom of the high-legged bikinis cuts higher at the pelvic bone, creating an illusion of fuller hips, longer legs, and a smaller waist. It is the perfect style for most body types. Also, high-legged bikinis are the perfect option if you wish to get tan lines and not miss out on the recent trend.

High waisted bikinis

High-waisted bikinis have made a comeback in recent years, and if you are conscious about your lower tummy, you can get one of these. You can choose this style in dark shades for a slimming effect. Also, you can check for tummy control features with ruched detailing to create a more flattering look.

Bikinis are available in several cuts, designs, and colour options and are worth experimenting with. However, make sure you choose the correct size as a smaller size can dig into your skin, and a bigger size would not accentuate your body shape, making you look unflattering.

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