Sometimes, it is too difficult to handle your color choices with your complexion. Trendsetters always try to wear colors that suit their skin tone. It adds to the overall beauty of an outfit. The colors you wear often define your personality and mood.

People often skip a dress only to make sure it does not criticize their complexion. Nonetheless, if you know how to carry your attire, things can be exciting. Every season, fashion brands offer great deals for shopping.

You can check out the most expensive brands and update your wardrobe at once. Fashionista women will love to use the Net A Porter Promo Codes and save on the retailer’s latest stock.

But, if you are confused about the color to pick, check out your skin tone and buy accordingly.

How To Choose Colors That Suit Your Skin Tone?

There are ample ways to pick colors that work well with your complexion. Before we proceed, let us guide you on how to determine your complexion.

How To Determine Your Skin Tone?

People often confuse skin tones. However, it is not as difficult as it looks.

Differentiate Between Warm and Cool

The standard human skin tone stands between two types – warmer and cooler. Warm complexions are ones with yellow undertones, while cooler skin tones consist of pink undertones. Get to know your type and proceed further.

White Paper Test

Come across a white paper test to confirm your skin tone. When exposing the skin color near a white paper, you can estimate different colors coming from your skin.

Here, pink and blue determine the cool complexion, while gold and green determine the warm tone.

Jewelry Test

Try a jewelry test for confirmation but, remember not to check it against your face tones. The easiest way to come across a jewelry test is by using bangles or necklaces.

All you need is a silver and gold bangle. The way your skin looks through this jewelry will determine your skin tone. If gold makes you look brighter, the skin tone is warm. Nonetheless, if silver is the right pick, you are cool-toned.

How To Choose Colors That Suit Your Complexion?

We have shared the five best ways to help you choose the best color for your skin tone.

1. Try Universal Colors

Some colors are universally recommended for every skin tone. You can invest in these without reconsidering your complexion. For instance, pale pink, bright red, teal, and dark purple.

2. Wear Seasonal Colors

Not every color is worn to match your skin tone. Fashion experts recommend outfit palettes as per the season. Thus, you can try to break your closet stock in four.

  • Summer – Prefer pastel and neutral outfits like lilac and pale blue with bubble gum pink undertones.
  • Winter – Try statement colors like black, white, and navy. Pair it with dresses consisting of pink and blue undertones.
  • Spring – Look for bright shades like peach and coral. Also, give attention to orange and yellow undertones for a better look.
  • Autumn – Regardless of the undertones here, give attention to warm colors. For instance, caramel, beige, coffee, and turquoise.

3. Try Matching Jewelry

Try to wear jewelry that suits your skin tone as it will help complement your outfit easily. You can have the best metals to pick for your attire. Rethink your complexion and make a choice here.

  • Adorn cool tones with white gold in summers and platinum in winters. Also, compliment these with silver regardless of the season.
  • Embellish warm tones by using gold, copper, and bronze during autumn. Whereas, give special attention to gold during spring break.

4.  Give Attention to Makeup

Makeup is a basic step to determine your skin tone. By wearing the right concealer and foundation, you can assure that an outfit suits your complexion. Determine your skin tone among these four shades and apply makeup to compliment your attire.

  • Extremely fair skin divas look gorgeous in soft pink and beige tones. Try not to wear red and orange as they are not meant for you. Likewise, frosty and gray shades will dim your natural shine. To look minimal and natural, prefer nude lipsticks for regular use, whereas bold ones for a party look.
  • Women with medium to fair skin tones can apply yellow and peach undertones. Also, add a gold tint to your glam for a better approach.
  • For enhancing a medium to darker skin tone, the choices are many. From pastel to bright, every shade will suit your ensemble and attire. The easiest way to apply colors to this skin type is by experimenting with several shades.
  • The attractive dark skin tone demands rich and metallic cosmetics. Thus, try bronze and copper hues to embellish your attractive tone. Also, add berry shade on your cheeks and lips as it reflects on a darker tone. Remember, pale colors are not for your skin.

5.   Focus On Hair Style

Love your hair color as it will fix your complexion too. However, this step requires special attention as hairstyle and color leave a lasting effect on your overall look. For the two tones, warm and cool, try these.

  • Warm tones highlight golden and yellow undertones. Thus, it is better to try deep brown dye for a fresh look. Also, copper red highlights will make a statement.
  • Cool complexions look soothing with blue and pink undertones. It is why to choose a hair color that involves intense shades like red, blonde, or brown.

Final Words

The best way to choose colors for your skin tone is by knowing your complexion rightly. Always know what shade you look, and your palette of beauty can work wonders!

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