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10 Tips for How to Reach Out to Supporters Through Text Messaging

Texting can be a powerful and personal way to connect with your supporters, but it’s important to understand how to use this medium appropriately for it to be effective. Check out our tips below on how you can give the best experience possible.

1) Don’t overdo it.

What may seem like a helpful ten text messages per day could come across as too much, and even push potential supporters away from the cause. Instead, it is better to send one concise message every now and then.

2) Keep it short and sweet.

When you are using text messaging for nonprofits, texts should be no more than 30 words and get to the point as quickly as possible. This will make it easier for supporters to read through the message.

3) Keep it relevant

Be sure to include in-app content that is relevant to the action you want your supporters to take after receiving your text, such as a call-to-action URL for supporters who wish to stay engaged online.

4) Make sure the content is personal.

Texts sent through a program should be limited to simple inquiries like pledging a monthly donation or responding to requests for information. Any other content should be personal and unique so that those who receive your texts feel valued as unique individuals rather than one of many “numbers.

5) Be clear about the organization’s privacy policy.

A privacy policy signed by the supporter at the time of texting should be made available to them via text or email and a verbal discussion of the policy should be conducted with each new supporter.

6) Be prepared for high-volume days.

On some days, people may be more inclined to text to join your campaign than on others. To prepare for these high-volume days, you should keep track of the month and day of the week that is busiest for your campaign.

7) Make sure all volunteers have a phone.

You should have a way to contact supporters without text messaging, such as by phone, email, or direct mail. If your volunteer is not able to respond quickly, you can always reach them via one of these other channels.

8) Have staff ready to answer texts in real-time.

You may need extra staff on hand to conduct this program efficiently if your supporters are using it heavily. Be sure that you have enough people on hand and be prepared for high-traffic days, just in case.

9) Keep it simple.

Make sure that all messages sent out are clear and concise. You should not over-explain your campaign or make it hard for supporters to understand. If a supporter cannot understand what you are trying to communicate, they may not be able to respond appropriately.

10) Always be useful and useful.

Most of the time, people do not sign up to support your cause because they just want someone else to donate money; instead, they want something back in return as well.

To effectively use text messaging in fundraising, you need to make sure your supporters are aware that their data will be used for this purpose. As 85% of Americans now own a smartphone, the opportunity for growth in texting as a donation medium is enormous. canvas pfisd

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