10 Best Practices to Host a Successful Virtual Job Fair

Getting the best of opportunities is the sole desire of every individual. Virtual job fairs are an excellent occasion to get different recruiters and job seekers together at a time. This online event offers endless possibilities that can be leveraged to boost brand value, get qualified leads, and deliver remarkable event experiences.

If you are looking to take your job fair online for the first time, let us walk you through some useful tips and the best practices;

Begin with a Strategic Approach

Starting with an effective plan or a strategic approach is the foremost key to hosting a successful virtual job fair. This comes after you have recognized the objectives of your online job fair. To ensure that you move forward with an efficient game plan, ask a few questions to yourself;

  • Will the event be live, on-demand, or free?
  • What will be the registration procedure for your event?
  • How will the attendees interact with the exhibitor?
  • What features will you include to keep the attendees engaged?
  • How many virtual booths would be there at your virtual event?
  • What networking opportunities will you keep at your virtual career fair?
  • Will you offer product brochures at the virtual exhibitor booths?
  • How will you maintain the record of attendee footprint?

Once you are done determining the solutions to the above questions, it becomes easier to conduct a virtual event based on your needs and goals.

Use Excellent Customized Branding

The best thing about virtual events is that you can customize the entire event based on your creativity. Creating a customized venue keeps your attendees involved and delivers unique brand experiences. With so many companies hiring candidates on a good scale, it becomes even more essential to showcase your brand and boost its value through these virtual career fairs. For this, event organizers need to plan very thoughtfully. Create a virtual environment enriched with lively imagery, brand logo & colors, eye-catching graphics, and dynamic banners. It is an effective strategy to leave an impactful impression on the audience and lure more talented candidates.

Leverage the Live Chat Feature

Networking is one main reason why most recruiters or job seekers attend virtual job fairs. Besides keeping different exhibitor booths, it is vital to provide a seamless interaction between the employers and the interested candidates. Keeping a live chat feature makes it easier for attendees to have instant 2-way communication with the exhibitor in real-time.

Along with the live chat feature, you can also include business card exchange, B2B meetings scheduler, AI-based recommendations, or virtual networking tables to let virtual attendees engage and make new connections.

Keep the Virtual Platform Navigation Super Simple

A virtual event platform is supposed to be the replica of an on-site environment. Hence, it is vital to look for a user-friendly platform that offers seamless navigation. Make sure that your virtual job fair platform does not ask for unnecessary downloads before the attendees log in or sign-up. Once the participants enter the virtual event, keep the different auditoriums, conventional halls, or breakout rooms clearly titled, clickable and accessible. You can also use on-event announcements to keep the audience notified about the forthcoming or live sessions. It is an excellent practice to improve the attendee’s platform experience.

Leverage Search Filters to Attract Top Talent

It is another unique point of virtual job fairs and an ideal virtual event platform. By applying different search filters based on your company requirements, you can shortlist resumes and applications that match your interest. It eliminates the annoyance of scanning all the applications. It also helps you save ample time that can be further used to interview qualified job seekers.

Use real-time Job Board

This feature makes it convenient for job seekers to find jobs based on their interest areas. The interest area includes their choice of industries, job category, or organization name. It helps save their time and get suitable job offers based on their ability and interest.

Customized Virtual Booths

Virtual booths are the media for the exhibitor to attract more attendees. They can choose to use vivid colors and backgrounds to give an exceptional look to their booths. You can also consider keeping accessible documents, presentations, videos, or PDFs that will help the attendees know more about the company or the employer.

Promote your Virtual Career Fairs

It is important to lure more attendees to your event to ensure the success of your virtual career fair. To make this possible, you need to promote your online event on different platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. We all understand that social media is the buzz of this digital era. Therefore, try arousing excitement among the potential attendees by posting pictures, videos, or the names of the exhibitors who’ll be participating.

You can also ask your exhibitors to use event-specific hashtags to post about your virtual fair. It will enhance the outreach of the event among their followers and fan base too.

Check the Technical Aspect

With career fairs, trade shows, or expos happening over the Internet, it is necessary to check the technical aspects. Remember to perform multiple system checks, test the Internet connection, and do a thorough rehearsal with the platform features. A test rehearsal is key to avoid unforeseen errors or glitches. Make sure that your virtual job fairs platform is supported by 24/7 tech support to deliver real-time assistance to the attendees in case of any urgency.

Take a Detailed Follow-up

It is a crucial step that helps you learn if your attendees were satisfied and had memorable experiences. Consider keeping a feedback form option on the platform or sending simple survey emails to the attendees. You can include questions like “Which feature did you enjoy the most?” or “Which virtual booth was more interesting?” The valuable feedback of your virtual attendees will also help you learn about the opportunity areas that you can work on to host even more successful career fairs.

Final Word

We understand that creating an attractive virtual venue for your online fairs can be tricky and complex. Hence, this is why you should select an ideal virtual event technology that can simplify the process of elevating the event experience. With top recruiters and potential candidates gathering at a place, it becomes super useful for both of them to make the most of this virtual event.






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